UNIQ 2022


This summer the faculty was delighted to host 3 UNIQ summer school courses for Year 12 students from state schools.

Classics - Greece

The 20 students who took part in UNIQ Greece, organised by Marchella Ward, had a brilliant week taking part in literature seminars, starting to learn the ancient Greek language and handling pots and other artefacts as they explored the theme of identities, ancient and modern. A particular highlight was a trip to the Pitt Rivers Museum, where students discovered the colonial context of collecting ancient artefacts and engaged with debates around repatriation and reparations. Congratulations to all of the students on a brilliant week's work, and huge thanks to our student helpers and graduate assistants who supported the delivery of the course.

Classical Archaeology and Ancient History

Headed up by Georgy Kantor and Rachel Wood, CAAH UNIQ was a great success. It was an absolute pleasure to see students intellectually excited about everything from identifying mythological frescoes to Rhodian honorary epigraphy, and to see them wishing to stay beyond the allotted time to see just one more coin. Thank you all, and a round of applause especially to Rachel, without whom nothing would have happened on time, and to Matilda, who was the most efficient chaperone.

Classics - Rome

Congratulations to the 10 wonderful students who attended the Rome section of the UNIQ summer school. In blazing hot weather they showed true commitment to an academically demanding course and thrived. Matthew Leigh led the Rome course which focused on Seneca and the Rome of Nero. Many thanks also to Ed Bispham, Kirsten Traudt, Matthew Nicholls, Llewelyn Morgan, and Gregory Hutchinson for leading seminars.