UNIQ 2021

poppit reads senecas phoenissae with professor matthew leigh

Poppit reads Seneca's Phoenissae with Professor Matthew Leigh

The Faculty of Classics is proud to host three UNIQ Summer Schools for 2021.

UNIQ is a series of subject specific university preparation programmes for Year 12 (or equivalent) students from state schools.

Each course involves a combination of online tutorials, lectures, and seminars with tutors, an element of personal study, and social events hosted by our fantastic student ambassadors.

Classical Archaeology, organised by Dr Maria Stamatopoulou and Dr Georgy Kantor, is themed this year on 'Family and household'.

Students are exploring different types of social relations and activities intersecting in the lived experiences of ancient Greek and Roman families with topics including gender relations, social status, household religious practices, and different types of domestic architecture.

Classics – Greece, organised by Dr Marchella Ward, is focusing on a central theme: Identities in Ancient Greece.

Students are considering how the Greeks thought of themselves, how they determined whether someone was or was not ‘a Greek’, and whether other aspects of identity played a role in how they understood their identity.

Classics – Rome, organised by Professor Matthew Leigh, is a programme built around one famous play - the Pseudolus of Plautus first staged in Rome in 191 B.C. - and with it a fascinating period of Roman history.

The comedies of Plautus are the earliest surviving complete works of Latin literature and fit into a great period of development in the Roman theatre starting in 240 B.C.

  • Do you know someone going into Year 12 (or equivalent) who might like to participate in UNIQ?
  • Keep an eye on the UNIQ website.
  • Applications normally open in February each year.