The Cambridge Companion to Sappho (CUP)

The cambridge companion to sappho

No ancient poet has a wider following today than Sappho; her status as the most famous woman poet from Greco-Roman antiquity, and as one of the most prominent lesbian voices in history, has ensured a continuing fascination with her work down the centuries. The Cambridge Companion to Sappho provides an up-to-date survey of this remarkable, inspiring, and mysterious Greek writer, whose poetic corpus has been significantly expanded in recent years thanks to the discovery of new papyrus sources. Containing an introduction, prologue and thirty three chapters, the book examines Sappho’s historical, social, and literary contexts, the nature of her poetic achievement, the transmission, loss, and rediscovery of her poetry, and the reception of that poetry in cultures far removed from ancient Greece, including Latin America, India, China, and Japan. All Greek is translated, making the volume accessible to everyone interested in one of the most significant creative artists of all time.

Introduction; Prologue: images of Sappho; Part I. Contexts: 1. Sappho's lives; 2. Sappho's Lesbos; 3. Sappho and sexuality; 4. Sappho and epic; 5. Sappho and Alcaeus; 6. Sappho and archaic Greek song culture; Part II. Poetics: 7. Sappho and genre; 8. Performing Sappho; 9. Sappho's metres and music; 10. Sappho's dialect; 11. Sappho's poetic language; 12. Sappho's personal poetry; 13. Sappho's lyric sensibility; 14. Myth in Sappho; 15. The gods in Sappho; Part III. Transmission: 16. The Alexandrian edition of Sappho; 17. Sappho on the papyri; 18. Editions of Sappho since the Renaissance; Part IV. Receptions: 19. Sappho in fifth- and fourth-century Greek literature; 20. Sappho and Hellenistic poetry; 21. Sappho at Rome; 22. Sappho in imperial Greek literature; 23. Sappho at Byzantium; 24. Early modern Sapphos in France and England; 25. Early modern and modern German, Italian, and Spanish Sapphos; 26. Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Sapphos in France, England, and the United States; 27. Sappho and modern Greece; 28. Sappho in the twentieth century and beyond: anglophone receptions; 29. Sappho in Australia and New Zealand; 30. Sappho in Latin America; 31. Sappho in Hebrew literature; 32. Sappho in India; 33. Sappho in China and Japan; List of works cited; Index of passages discussed; Index of subjects; Index of Greek.

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