The Ancient Graffiti Project 15-29 July 2018

ancient graffiti

The Ancient Graffiti Project is a unique program of archaeological fieldwork with a specific focus on the on-site study of ancient wall-inscriptions ( Participants work with handwritten, primary evidence of the first century AD, while collaborating with international partners.  The main objective of the 2018 field season is to complete our data collection of wall-inscriptions at Herculaneum, which are often small and faint, difficult to find and decipher, and tricky to capture in a photograph. Student participants will learn on-site how to detect, measure and photograph these inscriptions with special equipment.  This work is vital. Many of the graffiti in Herculaneum are exposed to the elements.  Our documentation will ensure a digital record of these fascinating inscriptions survives for future generations. 

The Friends of Herculaneum have launched a crowdfunding campaign for scholarships to enable undergraduate students to take part in this great project.