Offer Holder Day 2021

stone inscription from Philippi

Stone inscription from Philippi, northern Greece

On Saturday 22nd May, we were absolutely delighted to meet 11 of our offer holders for the first part of this year’s Classics Bridging Programme.

The programme is designed to support students in the transition from school or college to higher education, and to ensure the best possible start to their Oxford career. Sessions were delivered by Chair of Faculty, Neil McLynn, Grocyn Lecturer, Juliane Kerkhecker and researcher, Justine Potts.

Offer holder day is a chance to meet other students, ask questions and start finding out what it will be like in tutorials and language classes.

“I loved being able to hear students’ stories and having the experience of a tutorial was amazing. I have already started practicing my note-taking” – Offer-holder

This year’s sessions included:

  • Note taking skills – based on a chapter from Nature and Culture in the Iliad by James M Redfield.
  • Interpreting evidence – a comparison of inscriptions relating to Trajan’s Dacian Wars – what do different sources tell us and what questions do they raise?
  • Student Life – Q&A with current undergraduates – no subject was left uncovered -  from what to do on results day to how to store your belongings during vacation!
  • Language sessions  – what it will be like to learn an ancient language from scratch and how to support this when you get here.

As you would expect, the offer holders are an incredibly engaged group with so many great comments and questions! We are already looking forward to welcoming them back for the residential part of our Bridging Course in September.

The Bridging programme is an initiative that we have been running since 2018, designed to promote the success of students of great potential who come from schools, colleges, or neighbourhoods which do not traditionally send many candidates to Oxford. This programme underlines our long-standing commitment to ensuring that the very best students from all backgrounds have the opportunity to study successfully with us.