Dr Thea Sommerschield has won the 2020 Giuseppe Nenci award for her outstanding DPhil dissertation!

Dr Thea Sommerschield  has won the 2020 Guiseppe Nenci award for her doctoral thesis, Identities through boundaries: a study of patterns of practice in the communities of Western Sicily in the late Archaic and Classical period.  In her thesis she shows how epigraphic and burial evidence can reveal how the migrant and indigenous populations of western Sicily negotiated identity over time. She was awarded the prize for having examined ‘a significant amount of funerary and epigraphic documentation’, and for giving it ‘an excellent historical and anthropological interpretation’.

Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, in cooperation with Donnafugata s.r.l., awards the Giuseppe Nenci award each year for the best BA, Masters or PhD thesis on historical and archaeological issues in Sicily from antiquity to the modern era, with particular regard to the Elymian area.

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