*Update March 2021* Classical Conversations

Introducing Classical Conversations

Introducing Classical Conversations - see March update below

Dr Arlene Holmes-Henderson, Research Fellow in Classics Education

The Classics outreach team at Oxford invites teachers to participate in a new initiative: ‘Classical Conversations’. From January 2021, Oxford academics will be available to meet teachers and students VIRTUALLY for up to 30 minutes and talk about any aspect of the ancient world.

Update: March 2021: This initiative has proved extremely popular. As a result, we will be pleased to offer up to TWO Classical Conversations per school this academic year. Preference will be given to state-maintained schools.

How does it work?

Teachers in UK schools should email outreach@classics.ox.ac.uk with the following information (at least 14 days before you want the event to take place):

  1. Which topic would you like to be the focus of your ‘Classical Conversation’?
  2. Provide at least two dates and times which are possible for you and the class
  3. Name of school, school type, school year of students, subject studied and how many students will be in the class?
  4. Which platform would you like to use? e.g. zoom, teams, something else?

Please note that academic staff will not prepare a mini-lecture for this initiative. Rather, they will be pleased to answer (and perhaps ask!) questions on a key topic. Teachers may choose a topic which is directly linked to the syllabus or they may choose to enrich and extend student learning by requesting a conversation on new material.

Optimising engagement

This is an outreach and access initiative through which members of the Faculty of Classics hope to participate in knowledge exchange with teachers and students. It is entirely free but participants will be asked to complete and return a short questionnaire. Priority will be given to schools in the maintained sector which have not previously engaged with outreach initiatives offered by Oxford Classics.

Social media

We encourage you to spread the word about your Classical Conversations. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #OxfordClassicalConversation
(read our Classical conversations flyer)