A Companion to The Archaeology of Early Greece and the Mediterranean (Wiley Blackwell)

a companion to the archaeology of early greece and the mediterranean

The Companion offers an original and inclusive review of two periods in Greek Archaeology, which are typically treated separately – the Late Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age. It presents in-depth exploration of the society and the material culture of Greece and the Mediterranean, from the 14th to the early 7th centuries BC. This two-volumes reference sets Aegean developments within their broader geographic and cultural context, and presents the wide-ranging interactions with the Mediterranean. 

The Companion bridges the gap that typically exists between prehistoric and classical archaeology and examines material culture and social practice across Greece and the Mediterranean. A number of specialists examine the environment and demography, and analyse a range of textual and archaeological evidence to shed light on socio-political and cultural developments. They also emphasize regionalism in the archaeology of early Greece and examine the responses of different regions to major phenomena such as state formation, literacy, migration and colonisation and set them in their Mediterranean context.

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