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Undergraduate Courses in Classics

Which Course ?

See the course information in the links to the right which give further details for each course including : the course structure, the exam regulations, colleges offering this course and links on how to apply. Also see our Admissions pages which have an FAQ's section.

How do I decide which course is best for me ?

All of our courses can be taken both by those who have already studied classical languages at school and by those who have not yet had the opportunity to learn Latin or Greek. Some courses do not have a compulsory linguistic element, but approach the ancient world from different perspectives: Ancient and Modern History, Classical Archaeology and Ancient History.

If you have studied Latin and / or Greek, then you may be in a position to apply for a Classics type I Course. Course IA is designed for those who have studied Latin and Greek to A-Level (or equivalent), IB for those who have studied only Latin, and IC for those who have studied only Greek to that level.

If you have not studied either Latin or Greek but would like to take up one (or both), then you may apply for a Classics type II Course.

Course Length

Some of the courses vary in length (Classics and Modern Languages, Classics and English, Classics with Oriental Studies), depending on the level of language with which you arrive in Oxford and the emphasis which you wish to give to the classical side of your degree.