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Undergraduate Studies

Because we are the largest Classics faculty in the world, Classics at Oxford can offer you an enormous range of courses to choose from. We have experts here in practically every aspect of ancient culture, and our "tutorial" system of teaching means that you get to study with world experts in groups of one or two, rather than sitting at the back of a lecture theatre. At the end of your course you will not only have spent three or four years studying fascinating things: you will also be exceptionally well qualified for the world of work (see careers).

Choose a course to suit YOU....

We have courses to cater for all the different amounts of Classics done at school: if you haven't studied Latin, or haven't studied Greek, or haven't studied either, you can at Oxford. If learning the languages isn't your main concern, there are courses for you too (Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, Ancient and Modern History). We also offer a number of combined courses with other subjects (Classics and Modern Languages, Classics and English, Classics and Oriental Studies).

You're amongst friends!

Oxford admits over a hundred Classicists every year, so both in and outside College you'll find plenty of other students to discuss the subject with.