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Past Events

06-05-2015 (Wednesday)

The Sybille Haynes Lecture

17:00 - 19:30

The Sybille Haynes Lecture Professor Jean Turfa, University of Pennsylvania Museum, will deliver the Haynes Lecture at 5 pm on Wednesday 6 May in the Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies. Subject: ‘Pirates of Populonia"? The Myth of Etruscan Piracy in the Mediterranean.

Wolfson College Ancient World Research Cluster Lectures

17:30 - 18:30

Wednesday 6 May 5.30-6.30pm Haldane Room, Wolfson College ‘Archaeologists, collectors, and museums: redressing the ethical divide’ Dr Mark Merrony. Informed by his diverse career in archaeological publishing, the museum world, and the commercial sphere of ancient art, Mark Merrony examines the ethical issues that polarize archaeologists from public and private collectors, and examines legislation and the possibilities of future reconciliation.

17-04-2015 (Friday)

Duce Natura: Linguistic Naturalism in the late Roman Republic

17-04-2015 - 19-04-2015

One of the key questions at the core of linguistics concerns the relation between language and reality: how has external reality influenced the emergence, development and structures of language? The history of this question stretches back into ancient times. In particular, linguistic naturalism (that is, the notion that linguistic facts and structures are in some significant sense determined by nature) is an important concept in in the linguistic thought of ancient Greece, from where it goes on to penetrate the intellectual culture of the late Roman Republic on a number of different levels. Appeals to nature are a familiar refrain in Roman linguistic thought, but occur in a bewildering variety of contexts and arguments. Elements of linguistic naturalism are encountered in authors as diverse as Lucretius, Varro, Nigidius Figulus, Vitruvius and Julius Caesar. The aim of this conference will be to unravel the complex claims and arguments of Roman linguistic naturalism, assessing and comparing the various appeals to nature found in diverse texts of the late Roman Republic.

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11-04-2015 (Saturday)

5th International Workshop on the Archaeology of Roman Construction

11-04-2015 - 13-04-2015

5th International Workshop on the Archaeology of Roman Construction: Arquelogía de la Construcción V Man‐made materials, engineering & infrastructure 11‐12 April 2015, University of Oxford, Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies

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28-03-2015 (Saturday)

Reading Inside the Papyri


Professor Daniel Delattre will give a talk on the recent use of phase-contrast tomography to read the carbonised Herculaneum papyri.

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27-03-2015 (Friday)

Textual Events: Re-thinking Poetics in a Performance Culture

27-03-2015 - 28-03-2015

Textual Events: Re-thinking Poetics in a Performance Culture Magdalen College, 27/28 March 2015 This conference has two connected aims. It will examine how early Greek lyric texts conjure up and shape their own settings; and it will debate what meaning and what effects these texts create beyond their social function.

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