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Course Information

Welcome to the courses section of this website. Here you will find details on our undergraduate and postgraduate courses, with course outlines and further details. Details on our courses are split into undergraduate and graduate so follow the links to the right to find the courses you are interested in.

Undergraduate Courses

Oxford has a wide range of classical degree courses, which will appeal to all those interested in studying the ancient world, whatever prior experience has been available. All of our classical degrees offer a wide range of options that will allow you to devise a course to suit your particular interests and strengths.

Some courses (Classics: Literae Humaniores I and II; Classics and Modern Languages; Classics and English; Classics with Oriental Studies) approach the classical world primarily through a study of original Latin and Greek texts. All of these can be taken both by those who have already studied classical languages at school and by those who have not yet had the opportunity to learn Latin or Greek. Some courses do not have a compulsory linguistic element, but approach the ancient world from different perspectives: Ancient and Modern History, Classical Archaeology and Ancient History. For more information see Undergraduate Courses in Classics

Postgraduate Study

Oxford offers postgraduate Master's level courses in Greek and/or Roman History and Greek and/or Latin Language and Literature. These serve as a foundation for doctoral study which is usually through a Master's qualification in Classics. Oxford welcomes Master's level qualified students from other institutions to apply directly for doctoral study. The duration of a typical DPhil (PhD) is three to four years after having completed a Master's course. For more information see Graduate Courses in Classics and Ancient History.