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Classics and Modern Languages

The side of temple E at Selinunte

Classics and Modern Languages enables you to combine study of either one or both of Latin and Ancient Greek with a modern language. The course involves extensive study of major literary texts alongside training in linguistic skills. The Greeks and Romans were active in all the countries covered by the available languages. Studying this course helps to give you greater access to the ancient cultures, as well as a chance to examine how it has been received into the modern one. The option of a year abroad helps bring the course to life even more.

UCAS Codes

Classics I or II and: UCAS Code:
Czech QR87
French QR81
German QR82
Modern Greek QQ87
Italian QR83
Portuguese QR85
Russian QRV7
Spanish QR84

UCAS Codes

Classics I and Beginners': UCAS Code:
Celtic QQ85
Czech Q8R7
Modern Greek QR8Y
Italian QR38
Portuguese QR8N

Course length: 4 or 5 years

Course requirements:
Ancient language: for course I, Latin or Greek A-Level. For course II, neither is required.
Modern language: for Celtic, Czech or Modern Greek no previous experience is required.

For French, German, Russian or Spanish students would usually be expected to have the language to A-Level, Advanced higher, Higher Level in IB or another academic equivalent. For Italian students may come with no experience but would be expected to work on their Italian before coming to Oxford. For Portuguese most candidates apply as complete beginners but would be expected to work on their Portuguese before coming to Oxford.

A Fourth year Classics and French student:

“I chose to study Classics and French because it offered the ideal opportunity for me to combine my favourite subjects from school. I was keen to look in depth at how the history, language and thought of the ancient world have had effects on French culture. I particularly enjoyed the year abroad. This was a fantastic opportunity to immerse myself in French culture. Having had this year away, I returned to Oxford even more passionate and confident about my studies.”