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Administrative Staff

Head of Administration and Finance

Dr Audrey Cahill

The Ioannou Centre
Tel: (01865) 288385

Responsibilities: The Head of Administration is responsible for the management of the administrative and operations staff and services, Faculty finances, and the Ioannou Centre. She is Secretary to the Faculty Board and advises the Board on strategic and operational issues, policy and procedure.

Academic Administrative Staff


Mr Andrew Dixon
Academic Administrative Officer

The Ioannou Centre
Tel: (01865) 288388


Responsibilities: The Academic Administrative Officer is responsible for the on-course administration of the Faculty's undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses, as well as for graduate admissions (for both taught and research degrees). The Academic Administrative Officer services the Standing Committee for Mods and Greats, the Language Teaching Committee, the JCC for Undergraduates and the termly Sub-faculty meetings, and is also responsible for the production of the termly lecture list.


Photo - Erica Clarke

Miss Erica Clarke
Academic Support Officer

The Ioannou Centre
Tel: (01865) 288269


Responsibilities: The Academic Support Officer provides administrative assistance for the Academic Administrative Officer in support of admissions, and undergraduate and graduate studies. She is also responsible for the typesetting of examination papers.

Miss Philippa Crowley
Human Resources Administrator

The Ioannou Centre
Tel: (01865) 288174

Responsibilities: The Human Resources Administrator brings together all of the operational duties concerned with delivering Human Resources (HR) services to all categories of staff (academic staff (in conjunction with the Humanities Division), research staff, support and academic-related staff, teaching assistants, casual and agency staff) and academic visitors in the Faculty. This includes staff recruitment, HR support during employment, end of contract processes, and problem solving for individual members of staff and their line managers.

IT Staff

Mr Neil Leeder
IT Officer (Web & database development)

The Ioannou Centre
Tel: (01865) 288171

Responsibilities: Website and database development including development of departmental website and weblearn, plus other web-based projects, such as sharepoint, classics teaching register and local administrative databases. Webmaster for the departmental website. First point of contact (technical) for symplectic elements and the admissions decision support system (ADSS). Providing advice on costs and technical details for the technical appendices of research grant applications. Member of the Classics Media Team and primary lead on investigating lecture capture.



Mr Diggory Gray
IT Officer (Servers & Support)

The Ioannou Centre
Tel: (01865) 288264


Responsibilities: Responsibility for user and server support, server administration, networking and security, specification and purchasing of IT equipment, IT Project management, support for audio visual equipment.

Facilities and Events Staff

Mrs Catherine Conisbee
Office and Communications Manager

The Ioannou Centre
Tel: (01865) 288397

Responsibilities: Reporting to the Head of Administration and Finance, the Office and Communication Manager has responsibility of ensuring the day to day operation of the Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies.The post is responsible for managing front of house activities including reception, communications and event management. As line manager to the Facilities and Events Support Officer (FESO), together we act as the first point of call for students, staff and visitors to the Ioannou Centre. Deputy Safety Officer to the Head of Administration and Finance.




Mr Paul Sawyer
Facilities and Events Support Officer

The Ioannou Centre
Tel: (01865) 288391


Responsibilities: Welcoming visitors and students to the faculty, administration of access to the centre, assisting with audio visual for seminar rooms, assisting with building maintenance, general enquiries via email.

Outreach Staff

Mr Qasim Alli
Outreach Officer

The Ioannou Centre
Tel: (01865) 288172

Responsibilities: Organising and running events and projects with schools and those involved with education, including open days, to promote and support Classics and / or Oxford applications. In addition: organising alumni events on behalf of the faculty and co-editing the faculty's annual newsletter. 

Miss Emma Searle
Latin Teaching Scheme Coordinator & Classics in Communities Project

The Ioannou Centre
Tel: (01865) 288390

Responsibilities: Coordinating the Oxford Latin Teaching Scheme and providing administrative support for the Classics in Communities project.

The Oxford Latin Teaching Scheme offers students in Years 8 and 9 (13—14 year olds) attending state schools in the Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Berkshire areas that have no Latin provision whatsoever (this includes after-school clubs) free tuition in Latin language and literature ab initio through to GCSE examination.

Finance Staff

Mrs M.L. Foster-Ali
Finance Officer

The Ioannou Centre
Tel: (01865) 288387

Responsibilities: Management of the Faculty’s Finances and Secretary to the Craven Committee. Monitoring and reporting on Conferences; Trust Funds; Donations; General Accounts and Research Projects. Responsible for payment of: Faculty Awards; Prizes; Grants; Studentships and Buyouts.  Assistance to the Head of Faculty Administration and Academic Staff: with timely financial information and reports.  Co-ordinating and submitting returns for quarterly reviews and the financial year end. 

Miss Zun Swe (Maternity cover)
Finance Assistant

The Ioannou Centre
Tel: (01865) 610245

Responsibilities: Assisting the Finance Officer with the day to day business of Faculty Finances and Administration including: purchasing of goods and services; processing claims and expenses on faculty general accounts and projects; monitoring and tracking payments; collections and banking of cash; raising invoices and assistance with conference and events accounts.

Mrs Sowmya Singh (Maternity leave)
Finance Assistant

The Ioannou Centre
Tel: (01865) 610245


Responsibilities: Assisting the Finance Officer with the day to day business of Faculty Finances and administration including purchasing of goods and services; processing claims and expenses on faculty grants; monitoring and tracking payments; collections and banking of cash; assistance with conference and events finances; maintaining financial records and running reports.