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Outreach for Schools, Colleges and Groups

What is Outreach?

"Outreach" broadly speaking is any activity that we organise which helps you to find out more about Classics and hopefully gives you the opportunity to sample some aspect of Classics whether by attending study days, talks and workshops or coming to our popular open days.

Schools and colleges are of particular interest to us and we run many activities which help younger people find out what Classics is all about. This could be, for example, through the opportunity to study Latin and Greek, to examine ancient artefacts like pots, gems and papyri, or to watch a Greek play. There is so much to see and learn about Classics and you don't need any background in the subject to take part! 

We provide Study or Taster Days FREE OF CHARGE for the following groups:

  • Schools and colleges based within the United Kingdom
  • Community groups based within the United Kingdom
  • Mature students/life-long learners studying at any U.K. institution

N.B. In the interest of ensuring that the Outreach Programme remains sustainable, we ask that independent schools and colleges make a small contribution towards the cost of activities.

See the menu item "what we offer" for more information.

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