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Sacrifice Regained

Moral rationalism and demandingness in Kant: A response to van Ackeren and Sticker

Prudential and moral reasons

Higher and Lower Pleasures Revisited: Evidence from Neuroscience

Against partiality

Moral Luck and Moral Equality of Opportunity

Commentary on 'competence in chronic mental illness: The relevance of practical wisdom'

Rightness, Parsimony, and Consequentialism: A Response to Peterson

Rossian pluralism, egoism, and pleasure

Keeping Things Simple

A Third Method of Ethics?

Keeping Things Simple

The Cosmos of Duty Henry Sidgwick's Methods of Ethics

Taking Stock of Utilitarianism

The duty to do the best for one's patient

Sidgwick and utilitarianism in the late nineteenth century

Griffin on Human Rights

Moral testimony pessimism: A defence

Nobility in the Nicomachean Ethics

In Defence of Absolute Goodness

Methods, Methodology, and Moral Judgement: Sidgwick on the Nature of Ethics

Methods, methodology, and moral judgement: Sidgwick on the nature of ethics

Supererogation and Virtue

Iris Murdoch on Nobility and Moral Value

Aristotle: Ethics and politics ethics

Keynote address

Keynote address

Keynote address (with F. Kamm)

Oxford Handbook of the History of Ethics

Sidgwick and utilitarianism in the late nineteenth century

Sidgwick on the Nature of Ethics

Sidgwick on Virtue

Talk on Aristotle and the virtues at St Edward’s School, Oxford

Pleasure and Hedonism in Sidgwick

Virtue Ethics and Virtue Epistemology

In Defence of the Priority View: A Response to Otsuka and Voorhoeve

Ethics without reasons?


Perfectionism and Hedonism

The Environment, Future Generations, and International Environmental Law

The Foundations of Humanity

Keynote address (with L. Wenar)

Rights, Happiness, and God: A Response to Justice: Rights and Wrongs by NicholasWolterstorff

Virtue Ethics and Virtue Epistemology

‘Normative Reasons’, discussion with Daniel Star for Philosophy TV,

Goodness and Reasons: A Response to Stratton-Lake

Meaning, Morality, and Religion

Goodness and Reasons: Accentuating the Negative

Aristotle on Greatness of Soul

Compassion and Beyond

Keynote address (with L. Zagzebski)

‘Aristotle’s Ethics’, podcast interview for Oxford University

‘Virtue’, podcast interview with Nigel Warburton

Normative Ethics: Five Questions

Intuitionism and Disagreement

Neutrality and pleasure

Ethics Without Reasons?

Henry Sidgwick: Happiness and Religion

Keynote address (with D. Velleman)

Sidgwick’s Hedonism

The Good Life

The Right and the Morally Good: A commentary on the first chapter of Ross’s 'The Right and the Good'

Reasons and the Good

Are Egoism and Consequentialism Self-Refuting?

Associate editor, Ethics

Biotechnologies and Happiness

Biotechnologies and Happiness

Delegate, Oxford University Press

Member of committee, Analysis

Member of Council and Trustee of RIP

Member of editorial board, Iris

Naturalism: Feel the Width

Nobility in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics

Talk on equality at Magdalen College school, Oxford
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