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Latin Grammarians on the Latin Accent The Transformation of Greek Grammatical Thought

The invention of the Greek prosodic signs

Are correlative pronouns always overt in Lydian?

Houses in which a serf living in the country does not reside: a reconsideration of Gortyn Laws column 4 lines 31–37

Six notes on Latin correlatives

Zeus on the stud farm? Against a Homeric instance of attractio relativi

The inscription from Archaic Argos (SEG 11:314): A reconsideration

Early Greek Relative Clauses

Relative Clauses, Indo-Hittite, and Standard Average European

Ancient theory of prosody

Clause combining



Laws and Rules in Indo-European

Origins of the Greek law of limitation

Attic irregularities: their reinterpretation in the light of Atticism

Roman authors on colloquial language



Ancient Greek accentuation in generative phonology and optimality theory

Comparative Philology and Linguistics

Mycenaean o- is accusative; jo- is nominative

Vector space models of Ancient Greek word meaning, and a case study on Homer

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