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Writing a history of Palermo in the Roman Republic

The Birth of Epigraphic Culture in the Western Mediterranean: Sicilian Epigraphic Culture in the Later Hellenistic Period

The Birth of Epigraphic Culture in the Western Mediterranean: Sicilian Epigraphic Culture in the Later Hellenistic Period

A new bronze honorific inscription from Halaesa, Sicily, in two copies

I.Sicily: Building a Digital Corpus of the Inscriptions of Ancient Sicily

Una collaborazione tra museo, enti di ricerca e scuola: l'epigrafia digitale e l'alternanza scuola lavoro

Alesa Archonidea: Il lapidarium

The epigraphy of Agrigento in context

An unpublished funerary inscription with bichrome painted relief lettering from Hellenistic Syracuse (I.Sicily 3387)

Die Römische Republik und der Westen

A revised edition of the Latin inscription on the Egadi 11 bronze rostrum from the Egadi islands

Le iscrizioni latine sui rostra delle Egadi

Finley and Sicily

Antiquae sunt istae leges et mortuae: the plebiscitum Claudianum and associated laws

Cities and civic life in late Hellenistic Roman Sicily (with an appendix on Cicero, IN Verrem 3.12-13 and the status of cities in Sicily after 210 BC)

Auxilia and clientelae: military service and foreign clientelae reconsidered

Bronze rostra from the Egadi Islands off NW Sicily: the Latin inscriptions

Cities and civic life in late hellenistic Roman sicily

Phoenix and Poenus: usage in antiquity

Phoinix and Poenus: usage in antiquity

The Quaestorship in the Third and Second Centuries BC

Epigraphy in the western Mediterranean: a Hellenistic phenomenon?

Sicily and Sardinia-Corsica: The First Provinces

Provincials, patrons, and the rhetoric of repetundae

The Hellenistic West

The Hellenistic West: Rethinking the Ancient Mediterranean

Sicilian Identity in the Hellenistic and Roman Periods: Epigraphic Considerations


Kinship diplomacy between Sicily and Rome

Provincia Sicilia: between Roman and local in the third century BC

Review of P. van Dommelen and C. Gómez Bellard (eds), Rural Landscapes of the Punic World (London / Oakville, 2008)

Siculo-Punic Coinage and Siculo-Punic Interactions

Troops and commanders: auxilia externa under the Roman Republic

Sicilia Romana tributim discripta

Tyrannizing Sicily: The Despots Who Cried ‘Carthage!’


A Handbook to Petronius

Identità siciliana in età romano repubblicana

Republican Sicily at the start of the 21st Century: the rise of the optimists

Sicilia and Britiannia: Epigraphic Evidence for Civic Administration

Auxilia and gymnasia: A sicilian model of Roman imperialism


Ciceronian Sicily: the epigraphic dimension

Roman Magistrates in Sicily, 227-49 BC

Sicilia nutrix plebis romanae. Rhetoric, Law, and Taxation in Cicero’s Verrines

Cave navem

Poenus plane est - But who were the 'punickes'?

Poenus plane est — but who were the ‘Punickes’?

Il miliario di Aurelius Cotta (ILLRP 1277): una lapide in contesto

Rome Awards: Sicily and the Roman Republic 241–44 BC: provincialization and provincial identities

Nouveaux regards sur les élites locales de la Sicile républicaine

Roman Africa?

"Romanization"? Proceedings of the Post-graduate Colloquium, Held at The Institute of Classical Studies, University of London, 15 November 2002

Epigraphy by numbers: Latin and the epigraphic culture in Sicily

I.Sicily, Open Scholarship, and the Epigraphic Landscape of Hellenistic/Roman Sicily

I.Sicily: an epidoc corpus for ancient Sicily

Restoring ancient text using deep learning: a case study on Greek epigraphy

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