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Palaeogeographical and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of the Medjerda delta (Tunisia) during the Holocene

Pervasive Arctic lead pollution suggests substantial growth in medieval silver production modulated by plague, climate and conflict

Economic resilience of Carthage during the Punic Wars: Insights from sediments of the Medjerda delta around Utica (Tunisia).

Lead and antimony in basal ice from Col du Dome (French Alps) dated with radiocarbon: A record of pollution during Antiquity

The walls of Carthage and the date of Augustine’s De Trinitate

Exploration of the maritime façade of Utica: the potential location of the Phoenician and Roman harbours

Earthquakes at Aphrodisias

Aphrodisias in the long sixth century

'Vaisseaux du désert et emporia des oasis : les réseaux commerciaux du Sahara antique

Lead pollution recorded in Greenland ice indicates European emissions tracked plagues, wars, and imperial expansion during antiquity.

Roman Military Archaeology in Danger

Roman nightlife

From above and on the ground: Geospatial methods for recording endangered archaeology in the middle East and North Africa

Saharan exports to the Roman world

Introduction: trade, commerce, and the state

Trade across Rome’s southern frontier: the Sahara and the Garamantes

Trade, Commerce, and the State in the Roman world

Introduction: investigating an urban economy

Rivers, wadis and climate in North Africa: torrents and drought

The Economy of Pompeii


Urban craftsmen and traders in the Roman world

Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa: Introducing the EAMENA Project

Excavations in an urban park (“South Agora”), 2012

Roman craftsmen and traders: towards an intellectual history

The Olympian (Hadrianic) Baths at Aphrodisias: layout, operation, and financing

The Saharan Berber diaspora and the southern frontiers of Byzantine North Africa

Water, nymphs, and a palm grove: monumental water display at Aphrodisias

Characterising copper-based metals in Britain in the first millennium AD: a preliminary quantification of metal flow and recycling

The Roman water pump: unique evidence for Roman mastery of mechanical engineering

Excavations at Utica by the Tunisian‐British Utica Project 2014

Red Sea Trade and the State

review of Richard Stein. The Roman water pump: unique evidence for Roman mastery of mechanical engineering (Monographies Instrumentum 48)

The content of African Keay 25 / Africana 3 amphorae: initial results of the CORONAM project

The Geoarchaeology of Utica, Tunisia: The Paleogeography of the Mejerda Delta and Hypotheses Concerning the Location of the Ancient Harbor

Excavations at Utica by the Tunisian‐British Utica Project 2013

Quantifying Roman economic performance by means of proxies: pitfalls and potential

review of: A. Rogers, Water and Roman Urbanism: Towns, Waterscapes, Land Transformation and Experience in Roman Britain

Introduction: Quantifying Roman agriculture

The Roman Agricultural Economy, Organisation, Investment and Production


Excavations at Utica by the Tunisian-British Utica Project 2012

Mechanical irrigation: water-lifting devices in the archaeological evidence and in the Egyptian papyri

Response to D. Jennings, A Critical Analysis of the Report: ‘Statement of Significance: Cârnic Massif, Roşia Montană, jud Alba Romania’ by A Wilson, D Mattingly and M Dawson

The aqueduct of Butrint

The Mediterranean Environment in Ancient History: Perspectives and Prospects

Trading across the Syrtes: Euesperides and the Punic world

Saharan trade in the Roman period: short-, medium- and long-distance trade networks

A forum on trade

Raw materials and energy

André Tchernia. Les Romains et le commerce. 431 pages, 10 illustrations, 1 table. 2011. Naples: Centre Jean Bérard; 978-2-918887-06-5 paperback € 30.

Water, power and culture in the Roman and Byzantine worlds: an introduction

Neo-Punic and Latin inscriptions in Roman North Africa: function and display

Roman ports and Mediterranean connectivity

Settlement, Urbanization, and Population

Maritime Archaeology and Ancient Trade in the Mediterranean

Case study: The red marble thrones of the Lateran: the afterlife of Roman toilet seats

City sizes and urbanization in the Roman Empire

Developments in Mediterranean shipping and maritime trade from the Hellenistic period to AD 1000

DMP XII: Excavations and Survey of the so-called Garamantian Royal Cemetery (GSC030-031)

DMP XIII: reconnaissance survey of archaeological sites in the Murzuq area


Euesperides (Benghazi): summary of excavations 1999–2006

Gazetteer of sites in the urban survey

Harbour to Desert, Emporium to Sanctuary: Response


Introduction: Maritime Archaeology and the Ancient Economy

Statement of Significance: Cǎrnic Massif, Roşia Montanǎ, jud Alba Romania

The economic influence of developments in maritime technology in antiquity

The economy of ordure

Urban morphology, infrastructure and amenities

Urination and defecation Roman-style

Alexandria and the North-Western Delta

Archaeological Fieldwork Reports: Utica

Concluding thoughts: Made in Fazzan?

DMP X: Survey and Landscape Conservation Issues around the Taqallit headland

Survey and excavation at Utica 2010

The Roman watermills


A baker's funerary relief from Rome

Quantifying the Roman economy: Methods and Problems

Approaches to Quantifying Roman Trade

DMP V: Investigations in 2009 of Cemeteries and Related Sites on the West Side of the Taqallit Promontory

Foggaras in ancient North Africa: or how to marry a Berber Princess

Indicators for Roman economic growth: a response to Walter Scheidel

Meninx VI: sondage across the line of aqueducts 1 and 2

Quantifying the Roman Economy: Integration, Growth, Decline?

Villas, horticulture and irrigation infrastructure in the Tiber Valley

Water supply in the Roman period: aqueducts and cisterns

Classical and Hellenistic textile production at Euesperides (Benghazi, Libya): preliminary results

Economy and trade

Hydraulic Engineering

Large-scale manufacturing, standardization, and trade


Purple dye production at Hellenistic Euesperides (Benghazi, Libya)

Site recovery rates and the ancient population of the Biferno Valley

The problem of water supply

Fish-salting workshops in Sabratha

The castra of Frontinus

The metal supply of the Roman Empire

The uptake of mechanical technology in the ancient world: the water-mill (OXREP working paper)

Urban development in the Severan Empire

Dolaucothi-Pumsaint: Survey and Excavations at a Roman Gold-Mining Complex 1987–1999. By B. Burnham and H. Burnham. Oxbow Books, Oxford, 2004. Pp. xi+ 339, figs 207, tables 37. Price:£ 60.00. ISBN 1 84217 112 7

Euesperides 2006: preliminary report on the Spring 2006 season

Fishy business: Roman exploitation of marine resources


New light on a Greek city: archaeology and history at Euesperides

The economic impact of technological advances in the Roman construction industry

The spread of foggara-based irrigation in the ancient Sahara

Water for the Pompeians. Review of C. Ohlig, De Aquis Pompeiorum. Das Castellum Aquae in Pompeji: Herkunft, Zuleitung und Verteilung des Wassers

Euesperides 2005: Preliminary report on the Spring 2005 Season

Foggara irrigation, early state formation and Saharan trade: the Garamantes of Fazzan

Hedi Slim, Pol Trousset, Roland Paskoff and Ameur Oueslati, Le littoral de la Tunisie: etude geoarcheologique et historique

Romanizing Baal: the art of Saturn worship in North Africa

Une cité grecque de Libye: fouilles d'Euhésperidès (Benghazi)

Archaeological evidence for textile production and dyeing in Roman North Africa

Cyrenaica and the late antique economy

Euesperides (Benghazi): Preliminary report on the Spring 2004 Season

The effects of recent storms on the exposed coastline of Tocra

Tuscan Landscapes: surveying the Albegna Valley

Water Table Decline, Springline Desiccation and the Early Development of Irrigated Agriculture in the Wadi al-Ajal, Libyan Fazzan

Classical water technology in the early Islamic world

Euesperides (Benghazi): Preliminary report on the Spring 2003 Season

Farming the Sahara: the Garamantian contribution in Southern Libya

Irrigation technologies: foggaras, wells and field systems

Late antique water-mills on the Palatine

Opus reticulatum panels in the Severan Basilica at Lepcis Magna

The archaeology of the Roman fullonica

Machines, power and the ancient economy

Tracking the samnites: Landscape and communications routes in the Sangro Valley, Italy

Urban Production in the Roman World: the View from North Africa

Detritus, disease, and death in the city

Euesperides (Benghazi): Preliminary report on the Spring 2002 season

Hellenistic and Byzantine cisterns on Geronisos Island

Marine resource exploitation in the cities of coastal Tripolitania

Watervoorziening in Rome. Review of: Gerda de Kleijn, The water supply of ancient Rome. City area, water and population (Amsterdam 2001)

Water-Mills at Amida: Ammianus Marcellinus 18.8.11

Aerial photographs of Sabratha and Garian

Euesperides (Benghazi): Preliminary report on the Spring 2001 season

Euesperides, the first Benghazi

Oxford excavations at Andarin (Androna): September 1998

review of Rus Africum. Terra acqua olio nell' Africa settentrionale, edited by M. de Vos

Roman water technology and usage [An epilogue: where to go from here? Future courses for water studies]

Rome Scholarships: The management of water resources in the Tiber Valley in the Roman period

The management of water resources in the Tiber Valley in the Roman period

The Water-Mills on the Janiculum

Ti. Cl. Felix and the date of the second phase of the East Baths

Timgad and textile production

Urban economies of late antique Cyrenaica

Urban water storage, distribution and usage in Roman North Africa

Drainage and sanitation

Euesperides (Benghazi): Preliminary report on the Spring 2000 Season

Foggaras in the land of the Garamantes (Fezzan, Libya)

Incurring the wrath of Mars: sanitation and hygiene in Roman North Africa

Industrial uses of water

Land drainage

Mulini, acquedotti e assedi sul Gianicolo

The aqueducts of Italy and Gaul

The Fezzan Project 2000: preliminary report on the fourth season of work


Commerce and industry in Roman Sabratha

Deliveries extra urbem: aqueducts and the countryside

Digging in Algeria


The Fezzan Project 1999: preliminary report on the third season of work

Urbanism and economy at Euesperides (Benghazi): a preliminary report on the 1999 season

Excavations at Euesperides (Benghazi): an interim report on the 1998 season

The Fezzan Project 1998: preliminary report on the second season of work

The Fezzan Project II: preliminary report on the 1998 season

Water supply in ancient Carthage

Urban water storage, distribution, and usage in Roman North Africa

From the mountain to the plain: landscape evolution in the Abruzzo. An interim report on the Sangro Valley Project (1994-5)

review of: Tripolitania. By Mattingly DJ. Pp. xix, 265, 61 black-and-white photographs, numerous figs in text. BT Batsford, 1995. ISBN 0-7134-5742-2. Price£ 55.00

The Fezzan Project 1997: methodologies and results of the first season

The Fezzan Project I: research goals, methodologies and results of the 1997 season

Water management and usage in Roman North Africa: a social and technological study

Review of: Recherches Archéologiques Franco-Tunisiennes à Bulla Regia. Vol. 2, Les Architectures 1. Les Thermes Memmiens: Étude Architecturale et Histoire Urbaine by H. Broise, Y. Thébert; Water Distribution in Ancient...

Running water and social status in North Africa

Water-power in North Africa and the development of the horizontal water- wheel

Water supply for Roman farms in Latium and South Etruria

Coin Hoards of the Roman Empire Project:

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