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Paradoxography and marvels in post-Domitianic literature: 'an extraordinary affair, even in the hearing!'

Tacitus: Annals Book XV

Tacitus and the Poets: In Nemora et Lucos … Secedendum est (Dialogus 9.6)?

Shadow-Boxing in the East: The Spectacle of Romano-Parthian Conflict in Tacitus

At the End of the Rainbow: Nero and Dido's Gold (Tacitus Annals 16.1-3)

'Fractured Vision: Josephus and Tacitus on Triumph and Civil War’

‘Never Say Die! Assassinating Emperors in Suetonius’ Lives of the Caesars’

‘Drip-Feed Invective: Pliny, Self-Fashioning, and the Regulus Letters’

‘War Came in Disarray...’ (Thebaid 7.616): Statius and the Depiction of Battle

Oxford Readings in Tacitus (edited volume), includes an introductory chapter by R. Ash

'Women in Imperial Roman Literature'

‘Pliny the Elder’s Attitude to Warfare’

‘Fighting Talk: Dillius Vocula’s Last Stand (Tacitus Histories 4.58)’

‘Tarda Moles Ciuilis Belli: The Weight of the Past in Tacitus’ Histories’

‘The Great Escape: Tacitus on the Mutiny of the Usipi (Agricola 28)’,

‘Rhoxolani Blues (Tacitus Histories 1.79): Virgil’s Scythian Ethnography Revisited’

Tacitus: The histories

‘Fission and Fusion: Shifting Roman Identities in Tacitus’ Histories’