Zoe Jennings

I work on the reception of Ovid’s Metamorphoses in twenty-first-century performance, broadly conceived to cover drama, opera, dance and spoken-word poetry, under the supervision of Prof. Fiona Macintosh and Prof. Stephen Harrison. I am particularly focused on the ways in which today’s Ovid, which is now by definition a ‘performable’ Ovid, stems from and responds to the construction of a ‘postmodern’ Ovid in scholarship, literature and popular culture. I draw on a wide range of contemporary criticism and theory in order to unlock the various different resonances of the Metamorphoses in the twenty-first century, including adaptation studies, gender and queer theory, posthumanism, and ecocriticism. My thesis also explores Ovid’s position in the context of broader contemporary interests in performing Greco-Roman epic, which is one of the key focuses of the APGRD’s Performing Epic project.