Dr Estelle Baudou

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Academic Background

After completing my Master’s degree in Classical Studies and my Master’s degree in Theatre Studies, I achieved a PhD in 2018 at Paris Nanterre University about the chorus in contemporary performances of Greek tragedies (Une Archéologie du commun, supervisor: Ch. Biet). I am now part of the APGRD (University of Oxford) as a Marie Curie Research Fellow.
I have also been trained as an actress and a dramaturge in France and I am working on several productions as a dramaturge (2019: Les beaux jours d’Aranjuez, director: Y. Henneguelle ; Beginning, director: G. Legendre ; La nuit des rois, director: S. Levitte) or as a stage-director (2019: Seules, les Érinyes).

Research Interests

I completed a Master’s degree in Classics writing a thesis about the dramaturgy of Euripides’ Iphigenia at Aulis (supervisor: Christine Mauduit) and I also translated and staged the play to refine the theoretical study. I then completed a second Master’s degree in Theatre studying the choral forms in Heiner Müller’s plays, most of which had been translated by Jean Jourdheuil who was my supervisor. As a result, I acquired an expertise in both ancient and contemporary dramaturgies that gave me the tools to achieve a PhD on the chorus in contemporary performances of Greek Tragedies in France, Germany and the UK (Une Archéologie du commun, supervisor: Christian Biet). 
I have been awarded a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship to join the APGRD for a two-years postdoc about “Europe at War in Post-war Europe. Performing Greek Tragedies, Comedies and European Identity”. I will examine the multiple ways in which contemporary western European theatre directors have staged and continue to stage war with the help of ancient Greek dramatic scripts from the WW2 onwards. This project, which not only includes productions analysis and archives searching but also rehearsals observation and workshops, will thus allow me to establish a link between my academic work and my artistic practice.

Research Keywords

Classical Reception, Contemporary Theatre, Chorus, Greek Tragedy, Greek Comedy, War and Violence on stage


I have taught theatre history and practice at Paris Nanterre University (2013-2018) and I am still teaching Dramaturgy in a French Drama School (CRR de Paris).


Selected Publications:

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