Thea Sommerschield

I did my BA in Classics at the University of Pavia (Collegio Ghislieri) and a parallel degree in Humanities at the Institute for Advanced Studies of Pavia (IUSS). I went on to do an MSt in Greek History at the University of Oxford (St Hugh's College), and in 2016 I began my DPhil in Ancient History at the University of Oxford (Wolfson College). 

My thesis researches how the migrant and indigenous communities settled in western Sicily constructed and negotiated their socio-cultural identities during the Archaic and Classical periods, by examining the epigraphic and burial evidence for potential markers of identities. My interests in Computational Humanities and in the epigraphic cultures of the ancient Mediterranean come together in two research projects: Pythia, the first Deep Learning text restoration model for Greek Epigraphy, and ISicDef, a digital relational database of Sicilian curse tablets. My current and future research projects explore how Machine Learning can enable large-scale, SOTA interpretations of the textual evidence from the Ancient World. When not busy with the Classical and Tech(no) side of research - and music -, I'm usually somewhere in the Mediterranean.