Professor Teresa Morgan

Academic Background

I have been a Fellow and Tutor at Oriel College since 2000, having studied classics at Cambridge, Theology at Oxford, and violin and viola at the Royal Academy of Music.

Research Interests

I write on Greek and Roman history from the eighth century BCE to late antiquity. Among my particular interests are the history of ideas and mentality, the New Testament, early Church history, ethics, theoretical historiography, the history of education and scholarship, and the history of gender and sexuality. Most recently I finished a book on the meaning of the phrase en Christôi in the letters of Paul, and I am in the middle of writing a trilogy on the meaning and development of early Christian pistis and fides. 



Research Keywords

Ancient history, mentality, cultural history, early Church, religions, ethics, historiography, education, gender, sexuality, New Testament.


Full Publications: 

Selected Publication: