Professor Felix Budelmann

Academic Background

I studied at UCL and Cambridge, and have held posts at Manchester and the Open University prior to coming to Oxford in 2008.

Research Interests

I work on Greek literature, especially lyric and drama, and have an interest in cognitive approaches to Classics.

Research Keywords

Greek literature, especially lyric and drama; cognitive humanities.


Full Publications: prof_felix_budelmann_publications_may_2019.pdf

Selected Publications:

  • Individual differences in transportation into narrative drama

  • Greek Lyric: A Selection

  • Group Minds in Classical Athens? Chorus and Dēmos as Case Studies of Collective Cognition

  • Lyric Minds

  • Textual Events: Performance and the Lyric in Early Greece

  • Cognition, Endorphins, and the Literary Response to Tragedy

  • Performance, Reperformance, Preperformance: The Paradox of Repeating the Unique in Pindaric Epinician and Beyond

  • Emotional arousal when watching drama increases pain threshold and social bonding.

  • Ambiguity and Audience Response

  • Another Look at Female Choruses in Classical Athens

  • More