Lina Girdvainyte

My D.Phil. project examines the interrelation between law and citizenship – both Roman and local – in the provinces of Macedonia and Achaia, from the Roman conquest of Macedonian kingdom in the mid-second century BCE to the enfranchisement of the entirety of the free population of the Roman Empire in 212 CE. Through careful interrogation of epigraphic, literary, and juristic sources pertinent to Roman and Greek citizenship policies, administration of justice, and substantive law, I aim to offer a considerably more nuanced view of the legal development in the two provinces. Furthermore, by drawing due attention to substantive law matters, e.g. survival of local legislation and legal institutions, as well as application of law and legal principles, my work complements some of the most recent treatments of legal history of the region under Rome, which focus almost entirely on matters of procedure.

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