Katherine Krauss

Research Interests: My dissertation examines the intersection of literary aesthetics and social codes in Macrobius' Saturnalia, with a special focus on how these intersections are expressed in the Saturnalia's engagement with Plato's Symposium, the works of Virgil, and the dialogues of Cicero.  I am currently working on two other projects which likewise join intellectual history and literary criticism in late antiquity--one on the historical and literary context of Heliodorus' Aethiopica, and the other on ideas of exemplarity in Livy and Augustine's De civitate Dei.  My broader research interests include the cultural and literary history of late antiquity.     

Recent Publications:

‘Fake Intellectuals, and Books of Unquestionable Authority in Aulus Gellius’s Noctes Atticae and Lucian’s aduersus Indoctum’ in R. Beardi, N. Bruno, and Fizzarottti L. (eds.) On the track of the books: scribes, libraries, and textual transmission (Berlin, 2019).