Dr Vendi Jukić Buča

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Academic Background

I have an MSc (2008) and a PhD (2015) in Archaeology from the University of Zagreb, Croatia, and a MA (2014) in Fashion Design from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. I worked as a curator in the Archaeological museum of Istria in Croatia. I currently work as a Research Assistant for Manar al-Athar, www.manar-al-athar.ox.ac.uk (Director: Judith McKenzie).


Research Interests

I have researched Late Antique and Early Mediaeval sacred architecture and stone sculpture found in Pula (Istria, Croatia), ceramic oil lamps (from the Roman period and Late Antiquity), and glassware (from the Roman period to Modern times). My PhD thesis, Late Antique and Early Medieval architecture and sculpture at the St. Theodore locality in Pula in the context of concurrent findings from Pula and the larger area of Istria, (in preparation for publication), discusses the church related material from the St Theodore site within the context of the surrounding areas of Pula, Istria, present-day Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland. During my master’s studies in Fashion Design I examined Roman period costume and created several collections of authentically reconstructed garments. From my work as a Research Assistant on the Manar al-Athar project I have developed an interest in the costumes depicted on Armenian church sculpture and frescoes and I plan to focus my further research in that direction.

Research Keywords

Late Antiquity, Early Middle Ages, church architecture, church sculpture, costume, decoration, iconography.


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