Dr Tobias Allendorf

After my first degree from Heidelberg University in Germany, I completed a DPhil on the choral odes in Seneca the Younger’s tragedies. At Oxford, I have taught for various colleges and as a lecturer at Corpus Christi and Magdalen Colleges. Currently (from October 2018) I am a Departmental Lecturer in Latin Literature in the Faculty of Classics and at Balliol College. 

Latin language, literature, and philosophy, especially of the late republic and early empire.

My doctoral thesis is a study of Seneca’s choral odes and their engagement with earlier Latin literature (esp. Republican tragedy, Lucretius, Catullus, and Augustan poetry).

I have started work on Seneca’s Natural Questions, his masterly last work. 

Seneca the Younger; lyric poetry; Roman tragedy; imperial poetry; late antique reception of earlier poetry.

I have taught most Latin literature options available at Oxford; Greek and Latin grammar, translation, and prose composition; two philosophy options (Lucretius IV and Latin Philosophy); and the literary texts and link papers in Classics and English.

In 2018–19, I will be lecturing on Ovid, Latin ‘Texts and Contexts’, and Cicero Philippics 1. I will also co-run the Corpus Christi Classical Seminar in Michaelmas term (on narrated disasters in Latin literature) and a seminar on Boethius’ De Consolatione Philosophiae in Trinity term.

Selected Publications:

‘Greek Lyric at Rome. Before and After Augustan Poetry’, in L. Swift (ed.), Blackwell Companion to Greek Lyric Poetry (Oxford et al.), forthcoming.

‘Senecan Signification. Troades 1055’, Classical Quarterly 67 (2017), 320–3.

‘Sounds and Space. Seneca’s Horatian Lyrics’, in M. Stöckinger, K. Winter, and A.T. Zanker (eds), Horace and Seneca. Interactions, Intertexts, Interpretations (Berlin and New York, 2017), 137–58.

 ‘The Style of the Bellum Hispaniense. Colloquialisms and Allusive Self-Fashioning?’, Classical Quarterly 66 (2016), 547–55.

‘Writing for an As. Catullus 50.3–4’, Mnemosyne 69 (2016), 128–32.

‘The Poetics of Uncertainty in Senecan Drama’, Materiali e discussioni 71 (2013), 103–44.

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