Dr Robin Meyer

Academic Background

I completed a BA in Classics and Oriental Studies at Oxford, followed by an MPhil in General Linguistics and Comparative Philology. My AHRC-funded doctoral thesis focused on language contact and diachronic syntax in 5th-century Armenia and Persia.

In my current research, I focus on: relative clauses in early Latin; the development of noun phrase linking in Iranian; the use of the imperfect in Classical Armenian.

I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and a Chartered Linguist with a speciality in language education. I am also a Member of Council of the Philological Society.

Research Interests

My main interests lie in historical linguistics and philology, particularly that of Latin, Greek, Armenian and Iranian. I have worked on sociolinguistic topics (γε in Menander) as well as on diachronic and comparative syntax (particularly relative clauses) as well as multilingualism and language contact. My current research focuses on relative clauses.

Research Keywords

Historical linguistics, language contact, relative clauses, history of the Greek language, history of the Latin language, Indo-European linguistics.


Latin language; Greek language; Indo-European linguistics and comparative philology; Greek Historical Linguistics; Latin Historical Linguistics.


Full Publications: dr_robin_meyer_full_list_of_publications.pdf

Selected Publications:

  • The Relevance of Typology for Pattern Replication

  • Syntactical Peculiarities of Relative Clauses in the Armenian New Testament

  • Reviews

  • Morphosyntactic Alignment, Pattern Replication, and the Classical Armenian Periphrastic Perfect

  • Remodelling the Historical Morphology of the Classical Armenian -eal participle

  • Armeno-Iranian Structural Interaction: The Case of Parthian wxd, Armenian ink‘n

  • More