Dr Jean-Sébastien Balzat

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I am a classicist and historian interested in the history of the Graeco-Roman cities. I have mainly published on ancient Greece and Asia Minor. I am at the present an editor of the Lexicon of Greek Personal Names and I am currently preparing volume VI of LGPN, which will cover Syria, Palestine and the Trans-Euphratic regions. I also contribute to the journal Année Epigraphique for which I collect, translate and comment new epigraphic discoveries of the Roman province of Asia (Aegean Turkey) yearly.
Greek and Roman history, epigraphy and onomastics.

Greek and Roman history, epigraphy.

Full Publications: balzat_publications.docx

Selected Publications:

  • A new member of the family of Eurycles of Sparta documented in Delphi?

  • Le toponyme Magastara (territoire de Sagalassos)

  • Notes on inscriptions from southern anatolia: Names and provenances

  • Names in EPM-in Southern Asia Minor. A contribution to the cultural history of Ancient Lycia

  • M. Antonius Aristocrates: Provincial involvement with Roman power in the late 1st century b.c.

  • More
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