Dr Enrico Emanuele Prodi

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Academic Background

I was born and grew up in Bologna where I first learnt Latin and Greek at the local state school. After taking my BA (2007) I came to Oxford for an MPhil (2009) and DPhil (2014) at Merton College with a dissertation on the fragments of Pindar’s Prosodia (Conington Prize 2017). I was then a JRF at Christ Church (2012-2016) and a lecturer in Classics at Oriel (2014-2016), after which I moved to Venice for a Marie Curie Fellowship (2016-2018) on scholarship on archaic Greek iambus in antiquity. I returned to Oxford to be a lecturer in Greek and Latin language at Balliol (2018-2019) before I was elected to the lectureship in Greek literature at Magdalen for 2019-2020.

Research Interests

My main research interests are archaic and early Classical Greek lyric; papyrology in the broader context of the history of the book and of ancient book culture; and the study and transmission of earlier Greek literature in the Greek, Roman, and Byzantine world. I have co-edited a volume on Greek and Latin sympotic poetry (The Cup of Song: Studies on Poetry and the Symposion, OUP 2016) and am working on three more edited volumes, respectively on Hipponax, Didymus Chalcenterus, and John Tzetzes. The monograph stemming from my doctoral dissertation is also in the works for the Oxford Classical Monographs series.

Research Keywords

Greek literature, Greek lyric, Papyrology, History of the book, Ancient scholarship, Textual Criticism


Greek Literature options for Mods and Greats, especially topics related to Greek poetry; Papyrology and Lyric Poetry for MSt/MPhil.


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