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I completed my DPhil in 2015. Before coming to Oxford in 2012, I was educated at the University of Queensland, where I received my BA (2004-2008) and MPhil (2008-2010). Since 2015 I have been the Lecturer in Ancient History at St Benet’s Hall.

My research interests are diverse, although I work mainly on the history and historiography of the Roman Empire (1st to 3rd centuries A.D.). I am particularly interested in the works of Cassius Dio, Dexippus, and Appian, and the reception of Dio in 11th and 12th century Byzantium. My primary research project at the moment is a commentary on Cassius Dio 57-58, which is under contract with OUP.

Cassius Dio, Imperial Greek Historiography, Roman Political History, Tiberius (emperor), Third Century Crisis, Byzantine Historiography.

I teach most of the Roman History options for Greats (RH5, RH6, Nero to Hadrian, Religions of the Roman Empire). For Mods, I teach Cicero and Catiline, Tacitus and Tiberius, Aristophanes’ Political Comedy, and Texts and Contexts.

  • The Historian John Zonaras: Some Observations on his Sources and Methods

  • Tiberius the Goat: an addition to Champlin's Mallonia


  • A Turkish Alexander? Michael Attaleiates, Porus, and Alexander the Great

  • The Parthica of Pseudo-Appian

  • More
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