Dr Christopher de L'isle

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Academic Background

After completing an undergraduate and masters degree in Classics at Victoria University of Wellington, I traveled to Oxford to undertake a DPhil in Ancient History from 2013-2017. I served as Stipendiary Lecturer in Ancient History at University College from 2017-2018 and began a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship at the end of 2017.   

Research Interests

Currently, I am researching Sicily's political, economic, and ideological interactions with the wider Mediterranean world from c.800-100 BC. I am interested in the degree to which the island's internal divisions are reflected in its external relations, whether different types of interaction were correlated, and what  commonalities existed between Sicily and other large islands in the ancient Mediterranean. My DPhil thesis, which I am preparing for publication in OUP's Oxford Classical Monographs series, focused on King Agathokles of Syracuse as a window into the development of tyranny and kingship in Sicily at the beginning of the Hellenistic period.  

Research Keywords

Sicily, Syracuse, Hellenistic, Autocracy, Kingship, Diodorus Siculus.


Mods: Thucydides & the West; Aristophanes' Political Comedies
Greats: Greek History I (650 BC to 479 BC); Greek History II (479 BC to 403 BC); Greek History III (403 BC to 336 BC); Athenian Democracy in the Classical Age; Alexander and his Early Successors (336 BC to 302 BC); Hellenistic World (c. 300-100 BC)


Selected Publication:

“The Coinage of Agathokles of Syracuse: Sicilian and Hellenistic Influences.” Numismatic Chronicle 177 (2017): 1-20.
with D. Geagan & M. Trundle. Isthmia 9: The Inscriptions of the Roman Period (forthcoming).
“The Punic Wars” in C. Lopez-Ruiz & B.R. Doak (ed.) Companion to the Phoenician and Punic Mediterranean (forthcoming)
“Kings and Religion in Hellenistic Sicily” in M. Stamatopolou & S. Kravaritou (ed.) Religious Interactions in the Hellenistic World (forthcoming)