Dr Carol Atack

I returned to studying Classics after a career in technical journalism and writing, and earlier studies in Politics. Since completing my studies at Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge, I have taught at St Hugh's College, Oxford and the University of Warwick, and have now returned to Oxford as a post-doctoral researcher on the Anachronism and Antiquity project. My research interests lie at the intersection of Politics and Classics, in the field of Greek political thought and philosophy within its historical and cultural context. I am also interested in ancient sexuality and gender. I am a founder member, and treasurer of, the Women's Classical Committee UK, and an associate editor for Polis: the journal of ancient Greek political thought.

My research interests lie in ancient political thought and philosophy, especially the political thought of fourth-century BCE Athens, and in ancient Greek historiography. I am currently exploring anachronism in the construction of an idealised political past in this context, and in the constructions of intellectual genealogies by ancient doxographers and intellectual historians throughout the classical period, from Plato to Diogenes Laertius. I am also interested in the reception and use of Greek political thought by 20th-century radical political theorists, and in the contemporary reception of ancient Greek democracy. My PhD thesis 'Debating kingship: models of monarchy in 5th- and 4th-century BCE Greek political thought' examined the role of kings in the Greek political imaginary.

Political thought, History of democracy, Plato, Xenophon, Aristotle, historiography, reception.

Full publications: carol_atack_publications.pdf

Selected publications:

  • Anachronism and Antiquity

  • ‘I will interpret’: The Eighth Letter as a response to Plato’s literary method and political thought

  • Plato, Foucault and the conceptualisation of parrhēsia

  • Politeia and the past in Xenophon and Isocrates

  • The History of Athenian Democracy, Now

  • More
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