Davide Massimo

My doctoral dissertation is a comprehensive and up-to-date commentary on the extant epigrams of Leonidas of Tarentum (c. 3rd century BC), along with a satisfactory text and a translation. Leonidas was seriously underappreciated as a poet during the last century, and while this scholarly opinion has slowly changed in the last decades, a complete reassessment of his poetry is still much needed. His interest in humble people and poverty, his position in Hellenistic poetry, his “poetry book”, and his peculiar language and style make him a unique voice in Greek literature, of which I am trying to give a complete reassessment.  

Besides my DPhil project, I am interested in Hellenistic and Imperial literature more generally. I also try to bring inscribed poetry from these ages to the fore. This is a challenging endeavour that, in my opinion, can also benefit from recent Digital tools for Epigraphy, and Digital Humanities in general, all of which I have been exploring recently.