David Hodgkinson

My research interest is in comparing the Greek and Sanskrit epic traditions, and considering whether there is a common Indo-European heritage behind them both. Western scholars over the past century or so have suggested that the Sanskrit tradition looks similar to the Greek tradition, and used the term 'epic' to describe both. Very little, however, by way of detailed comparison has been undertaken, with the result that this is a profitable and intriguing area in which to be working. My most recent work has been on the myth of the Races in Hesiod and cognate elements in the myth of the yugas in the Mahabharata and Manu. I also have a interests in other comparative areas, including father-son relationships in Vergil and the Ramayana, and Advaitavedanta and Platonic Philosophy. 
After many years teaching and leading Classics departments at school level, I decided to study part-time for a DPhil, the rest of my time being given to teaching at Magdalen College School, Oxford.