Daria Kondakova

My DPhil thesis investigates the concept of 'publication' in the Greek and Roman world.
Specifically, I aim to establish how the authors made their works available to the public and to describe how "publication" of texts in a written form worked in the period between (roughly) 3rd century BC and 2nd century AD, as well as the implications this had for the corresponding literary production.

One way I approach this is by looking at the ways writers mention their or other people's texts and estimating the importance of "publication" for authors and audiences. This is combined with the examination of (mainly Greek) papyrological data, in order to complement the picture on the authors' side with what scholars can learn about the readers from papyrological evidence.

Particularly interesting to me is that Greeks seem to be treating the issue differently than the Romans. While there are quite a few references to "publication'' in Roman literature, Greek authors do not write as explicitly about the topic.

This project is part of the doctoral centre "Publication Beyond Print", funded by Leverhulme Trust. Its website: https://www.humanities.ox.ac.uk/publication-beyond-print-leverhulme-doctoral-centre

My other research interests include Greek epigrams, Hellenistic poetry, Greek and Latin metre, and Digital Classics.