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Dr Wolfgang de Melo
MPhil DPhil Oxf, MA SOAS


Associate Professor in Classical Philology, Faculty of Classics
Governing Body Fellow, Wolfson College


The Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies
66 St. Giles'

Tel No: (01865) 610224

Dr Wolfgang de Melo

Research Keywords:

Latin synchronic and diachronic linguistics, Plautus, Varro, morphology, syntax, metre, Indo-European philology, textual criticism

Research Interests:

Dr de Melo has worked extensively on Plautus and the language of Roman comedy. He is currently looking at Varro's De lingua Latina, the first Latin grammatical treatise of some length. This work is going to result in a critical edition, a translation, and a commentary. Together with Dr Scott Scullion (Worcester), Dr de Melo is also editing the Oxford Handbook of Greek and Latin Textual Criticism.

Selected Publications:

Plautus V: Stichus, Trinummus, Truculentus, Vidularia, Fragments, (Harvard University Press 2013).

'Kurylowicz's first 'law of analogy' and the development of passive periphrases in Latin', in Laws and Rules in Indo-European, Probert P, Willi A (eds.), (Oxford University Press 2012).

Plautus IV: Poenulus, Pseudolus, Rudens, (Harvard University Press 2012).

Amphitryon. The Comedy of Asses. The Pot of Gold. The Two Bacchises. The Captives, (Loeb Classical Library 2011).

Plautus I: Amphitruo, Asinaria, Aulularia, Bacchides, Captiui, (Harvard University Press 2011).

Plautus III: Mercator, Miles gloriosus, Mostellaria, Persa, (Harvard University Press 2011).

'Possessive pronouns in Plautus', in Colloquial and Literary Latin, Dickey E, Chahoud A (eds.), (Cambridge University Press 2010), 71-99.

'The language of Atellan farce', in L'Atellana letteraria: Atti della prima giornata di studi sull'Atellana, Raffaelli R, Tontini A (eds.), (Quattro Venti 2010), 89-123.

The Early Latin Verb System: Archaic Forms in Plautus, Terence, and Beyond, (Oxford University Press 2007).