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Week 5

Monday 22nd May

Event Title & Speaker Date & Time Location Contact for more information
Epigraphy Workshop:
1pm First Floor Seminar Room, Ioannou School Charles Crowther
Jonathan Prag
Peter Thonemann
Classical Archaeology Seminar:
Prof Chris Gosden (University of Oxford)
The Question of Style as Related to Celtic Art
4pm Ioannou Centre  
Classical Archaeology Society:
Professor Daniele Petrella (International Research Institute for Archaeology and Ethnology, Naples, Italy) on Marco Polo between Myth and Realty
7pm Oscar Wilde Room, Magdalen College  
Thucydides seminar:
Luke Pitcher: debate of generals and the campaigning, 41-52, 62-71, 74-5, 94-105
5pm Ioannou Centre Christopher Pelling
"Don't talk about recursion: ancient Greek rules of thumb for getting enclitic accents roughly right"
Philomen Probert and Stephanie Roussou
5pm Florey Room, Wolfson College  

Tuesday 23rd May

Event Title & Speaker Day & Time Location Contact for more information
Seminar on Jewish history and literature in the Graeco-Roman period:
Dr Arjen Bakker (Leuven) - 'Care of the self in Hellenistic Judaism and the Dead Sea scrolls'
2.30-4 pm Clarendon Institute, Walton Street. Professor Martin Goodman
Greek City under Rome:
Benjamin Gray (University of Edinburgh). Debates about the Scope of Politics in the Greek City under Rome: Civic Rhetoric and Political Thought
5pm Ioannou Centre Neil McLynn (Corpus Christi) and Georgy Kantor (St John’s)

Wednesday 24th May

Event Title & Speaker Day & Time Location Contact for more information
David Lewis Lecture.
Professor Robert Parker: The Epigraphy and Anthropology of Divination
5pm Ioannou Lecture Theatre  
Vitruvius Seminar:
Marchella Ward: Vitruvius and the Idea of the Theatre (esp. §§ 5.6–7 and 7praef.11).
Philomen Probert: On harmony and echoing vases in the theatre (esp. §§ 5.4–5).
5-6pm Hawkins Room, Merton College Prof R Ash, Dr T Franklinos
Roman discussion forum:
Beyond the Frontier: Excavating the Romans in Romania. Emily Hanscam, Durham University
1pm Lecture Room
Institute of Archaeology
36 Beaumont Street
Andrew Wilson, Sarah Wilker, and Joshua Goldman
Ancient Medicine Seminar:
Leonie Raijmakers (Merton/RLAHA)
A Parasite's Past: using mitochondrial genomes to investigate how and when Plasmodium vivax malaria spread across the world
5.30pm Barclay Room, Green Templeton College
Alexandra Vukovich (Cambridge)
(24th May) “Dobrynia Iadreikovich’s 1200 pilgrimage to Constantinople: Byzantine ceremonial culture through the eyes of travellers from Rus”
5pm Ioannou Centre Marek Jankowiak and Marc Lauxtermann

Thursday 25th May

Event Title & Speaker Day & Time Location Contact for more information
The Late Antique and Byzantine Archaeology and Art Seminar:
Vivien Prigent (CNRS) – ‘New sigillographic evidence for the history of the
Latin Church in the East, 11th-13th centuries’
11-12.30am The Ioannou Centre, First Floor Seminar Room Ine Jacobs & Marek Jankowiak
Ancient History WIP:
Thea Sommerschield: "The Curse of Sicilian Originality"
6pm Ioannou Centre, 1st Floor Seminar room Leah Lazar and Harry Morgan

Friday 26th May

Event Title & Speaker Day & Time Location Contact for more information
Fresh Voices lecture series:
Stephanie Oade ‘Catullus and the Nature of Lyric’
10am Ioannou Centre, Lecture theatre Felix Budelmann
Ancient Architecture Discussion Group:
Nichole Sheldrick (Oxford)
Architecture and Decoration in the House of the Large Oecus, Utica: Results from the Tunisian-British Utica Project, 2010-2016
4pm Garden Building Lower Lecture Room
Lincoln College, Turl Street, Oxford, OX1 3DR
Konogan Beaufay and Evan Proudfoot
Lang & Litt WIP:
4.15pm Ioannou Centre Il-Kweon Sir
Imperial Greek Epic Reading Group: Musaeus 1pm Ioannou Centre, Basement Seminar Room

Saturday 27th May

Event Title & Speaker Day & Time Location Contact for more information
Conference: Subaltern Voices in Archaic and Classical Greece 9am Corpus Christi College, Al Jaber Auditorium