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Week 4

Monday 15th May

Event Title & Speaker Date & Time Location Contact for more information
Epigraphy Workshop:
Irene Polinskaya (KCL): ‘The Digital IOSPE and new approaches to the study and publication of graffiti from the Northern Black Sea’
1pm First Floor Seminar Room, Ioannou School Charles Crowther
Jonathan Prag
Peter Thonemann
Classical Archaeology Seminar:
Dr Esen Ogus (Ludwig-Maximilans-Universität, Munich)
Tombs of the 'Ambitious, Dominant and Munificent': Stylistic Peculiarities of Dokimeion
Sarcophagi from Roman Asia Minor
4pm Ioannou Centre  
Classical Archaeology Society:
Professor Melanie Giles (University of Manchester) on
The Grave Goods Project
7pm Oscar Wilde Room, Magdalen College  
Thucydides seminar:
Carol Atack: Syracuse, 32.3-40, 72-3, and various bits of later narrative.
5pm Ioannou Centre Christopher Pelling

Tuesday 16th May

Event Title & Speaker Day & Time Location Contact for more information
Seminar on Jewish history and literature in the Graeco-Roman period:
David Friedman (Wolfson): 'Rhetoric and argument in Josephus'
2.30-4 pm Clarendon Institute, Walton Street. Professor Martin Goodman
Greek City under Rome:
Anna Heller (Université François-Rabelais, Tours). Kinship and elite representation in honorific inscriptions from Roman Asia Minor
2-3.30pm Ioannou Centre Neil McLynn (Corpus Christi) and Georgy Kantor (St John’s)
Oxford University Numismatics Society:
Donald T. Ariel, Head of the Coin Department, Israel Antiquities Authority. 'Coins from a Small Country: How Excavated Coins are Managed in Israel, from the Dig to the Bookshelf'.
5pm Ioannou Centre Judith Mckenzie

Wednesday 17th May

Event Title & Speaker Day & Time Location Contact for more information
Vitruvius Seminar:
Charlotte Potts: Temples and Typology in Vitruvius (§§ 4.7.1–2; 4.8.6; 6.2.1).
Amanda Sharp: Vitruvius’ concept of decor and the Roman preference for the Corinthian order (§§ 1praef.; 1.2.1 & 5–7; 4.1.1–10).
5-6pm Hawkins Room, Merton College Prof R Ash, Dr T Franklinos
Roman discussion forum:
Prof. Jean-Pierre Brun (Collège de France): 'Urban workshops in Pompeii: dyeing plants and other workshops'.
1pm Lecture Room
Institute of Archaeology
36 Beaumont Street
Andrew Wilson, Sarah Wilker, and Joshua Goldman

Thursday 18th May

Event Title & Speaker Day & Time Location Contact for more information
The Late Antique and Byzantine Archaeology and Art Seminar:
Stephen Humphries (Durham) – ‘Crosses as water purification devices in the
Byzantine Near East'
11-12.30am The Ioannou Centre, First Floor Seminar Room Ine Jacobs & Marek Jankowiak
Ancient History WIP:
Francesca Anthony
6pm Ioannou Centre, 1st Floor Seminar room Leah Lazar and Harry Morgan
Gaisford Lecture:
Professor Hans Bernsdorff, 'Was Anacreon more inclined to lust or drunkenness?'
5pm Ioannou Centre, Lecture Theatre Gregory Hutchinson
Kurt Lambeck: Sea level, shorelines and palaeo-reconstructions during the last glacial cycle 4pm Institute of Archaeology lecture room OCMA:

Friday 20th May

Event Title & Speaker Day & Time Location Contact for more information
Fresh Voices lecture series:
Domenico Giordani ‘Female Voices: Roman Graffiti and the Elegies of Sulpicia’
10am Ioannou Centre, Lecture theatre Felix Budelmann
Ancient Architecture Discussion Group:
Paul Wordsworth (Oxford)
Fortresses of Clay - Reading Power and Practice in the Secular Architecture of the Eastern Iranian World (800-1200CE)
4pm Garden Building Lower Lecture Room
Lincoln College, Turl Street, Oxford, OX1 3DR
Konogan Beaufay and Evan Proudfoot
Prof. Deborah Beck (University of Texas at Austin)
Human Agency and Apollonius' Argonautica
5pm Brasenose, Lecture room XI Ed Bispham
Lang & Litt WIP:
4.15pm Ioannou Centre Il-Kweon Sir
Contemporary History in the Ancient World Colloquium: Keynote Address.
John Marincola, 'The Anxieties of the Contemporary Historian'
5pm The Ertegun House, 37a St Giles', OX1 3LD
Professor Susanna Morton Braund:
Dido’s Pug, Chocolate Elysium and Aeneas made of butter: travesties of Virgil’s Aeneid.
5pm Collier Room, Regent's Park College
Imperial Greek Epic Reading Group:
Laura Miguélez-Cavero: Musaeus
1pm Ioannou Centre, Basement Seminar Room