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Week 2

Monday 1st May

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Epigraphy Workshop:
Peter Thonemann (Wadham), ‘Epigraphy and demography: Roman Lydia’
1pm First Floor Seminar Room, Ioannou School Charles Crowther
Jonathan Prag
Peter Thonemann
Classical Archaeology Seminar:
Prof James Whitley (University of Cardiff)
Style and Personhood: The Case of the Amasis Painter
4pm Ioannou Centre  
Thucydides Seminar:
Melinda Letts + Chris Pelling : the debate at Athens, 6-26.
5pm Ioannou Centre Christopher Pelling

Tuesday 2nd May

Event Title & Speaker Day & Time Location Contact for more information
Seminar on Jewish history and literature in the Graeco-Roman period:
Asaf Gayer (Haifa)
'Literary uses of weights and measures in Qumran'
2.30-4 pm Clarendon Institute, Walton Street. Professor Martin Goodman
Greek City under Rome:
Neil McLynn (Corpus Christi College, Oxford). Playground of Paideia: the fourth-century educational experience in Athens
2-3.30pm Ioannou Centre Neil McLynn (Corpus Christi) and Georgy Kantor (St John’s)
Graduate Poetry Reading Group (Euripides' Helen) 4pm Morely Fletcher Room, Worcester College Tom McConnell

Wednesday 3rd May

Event Title & Speaker Day & Time Location Contact for more information
Ancient Medicine Seminar:
Dr Llewellyn Morgan (Brasenose/Classics)
Curing a eunuch in first-century Rome
5.30-7.00 pm Platnauer Room, Brasenose College
Vitruvius Seminar:
Christopher Dickenson: Public and Private Space in Book 1 (esp. §§ 1.1.5, 1.2.9, 1.3.1, 1.7.1–2).
Solmeng-Jonas Hirschi: The philosophy of architectural rhetoric in Vitruvius: how to build persuasion? (§1.2).
5-6pm Hawkins Room, Merton College Prof R Ash, Dr T Franklinos
Roman discussion forum:
The transmission of mechanical technologies between the Hellenistic and Roman Mediterranean and ancient China
Andrew Wilson, Oxford
1pm Lecture Room
Institute of Archaeology
36 Beaumont Street
Andrew Wilson, Sarah Wilker, and Joshua Goldman
Ashmolean Reading Images seminar:
Carol Atak: 'Re-reading the Marmor Parium'
1pm Ashmolean Museum, New Douce Room, Department of Western Art Jim Harris

Thursday 4th May

Event Title & Speaker Day & Time Location Contact for more information
The Late Antique and Byzantine Archaeology and Art Seminar:
Georgi Parpulov – ‘Epigraphic Gleanings from the British Museum’
11-12.30am The Ioannou Centre, First Floor Seminar Room Ine Jacobs & Marek Jankowiak
Fowler Lecture 2017: Professor David Scourfield of Maynooth University.
‘Fragmentations and Forgettings: (An)atomising Classics in English Modernist Fiction’.
5pm The Ioannou Centre, Lecture theatre

Friday 5th May

Event Title & Speaker Day & Time Location Contact for more information
Fresh Voices lecture series:
Guy Brindley ‘Fatherhood and fatherland in Greek tragedy’
10am Ioannou Centre, Lecture theatre Felix Budelmann
Imperial Epic Reading Group: Musaeus 73-132.
Laura Miguelez-Cavero
1pm Ioannou Centre, Basement Seminar Room Laura Miguelez-Cavero
Ancient Architecture discussion group-
Dirk Booms (British Museum): Reconstructing Marble Wall Decoration of the Palatine Palace: 18th
-Century Discoveries
4pm Garden Building Lower Lecture Room
Lincoln College, Turl Street, Oxford, OX1 3DR
Konogan Beaufay and Evan Proudfoot