Andrew Stiles
Ancient History Postgraduate, July 2012

Prior to coming to Oxford, I completed a BA (Hons) and an MPhil at the University of Sydney. I was very fortunate to receive a Clarendon Scholarship which has enabled me to pursue a DPhil here. My thesis examines a range of conceptions of the future in the principates of Augustus and Tiberius, and for most of this year I have been working on the role of hope as a political/religious/social idea.

Studying Ancient History in the Faculty of Classics has been a wonderful experience. It is well known that Oxford has a large, distinguished faculty and excellent libraries. This enables you to get on with the research, and develop your ideas through conversations with specialists in your area - there will very likely be quite a number of people whose research interests overlap with your own. Less well known is that there is also a friendly community of graduate students who come from all over the world, and the work-in-progress seminar series is a good place to connect with others socially as well as academically. Furthermore, there are so many seminars, workshops and conferences involving scholars of international repute, that you could quite easily go along to something useful every day of the week. College life and various societies add a great deal to the experience of being a graduate at Oxford, and I have found that this has led to some unexpected and productive ‘interdisciplinary’ conversations. A recent research trip overseas was made possible by the Faculty of Classics through the Craven Fund, and through my college. The opportunities here are endless, whatever aspects of the ancient world you wish to investigate.

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