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The Sphakia Survey

Sphakia Survey

The Sphakia Survey is an interdisciplinary archaeological project which is reconstructing the sequence of human activity in Sphakia, from the time that people arrived in the area (by c.3000 BC), up to AD 1900, the end of the Turkish period in Crete. The Survey uses environmental, archaeological, material, and local ('ethnographic') information. It is jointly directed by Lucia Nixon (St Hilda's College, Oxford) and Jennifer Moody (University of Texas at Austin).

A subsidiary but important goal has been to train students (directly by fieldwork, and indirectly through the Sphakia Survey video). We are committed to using a wide range of media in order to report on the Survey to the widest possible audience: inhabitants of Sphakia and other people in Greece; general public in the United Kingdom, Canada, United States and elsewhere; academics and researchers; and students (school and university).

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Director: Dr Lucia Nixon