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Dr Sophie Bocksberger
DPhil Oxf


Departmental Lecturer in Classics, Faculty of Classics
Tutor, Somerville College


Somerville College
Woodstock Road


Dr Sophie Bocksberger


I studied Classics, Old French and English Literature at the University of Lausanne (demi-licences and licences). I was then awarded a scholarship to study for a year at the Scuola Normale di Pisa, before coming to Oxford for a DPhil at Lincoln College. I was funded by the Berrow scholarship (year 1-3) and Swiss National Science Foundation (year 4). My thesis, supervised by Dr Felix Budelmann, is a study of Telamonian Ajax in archaic and classical Greece.

Research Keywords:

Archaic and classical Greek literature; Ancient Dance; Papyrology

Research Interests:

I am currently preparing a monograph on the reception of Telamonian Ajax in archaic and classical Greece. My next project aims at defining with more accuracy what was ‘dance’ for the Greeks. I want to understand what dance was meant to add to a performance of poetry, and to explore as well as measure the influence the practice of dance had on the formation of key concepts that were formed in the fifth century such as the disctinction between prose and poetry.

Selected Publications:

'5266. Sophocles, Philoctetes 104–7, 109–32, 151, 155–81', The Oxyrhynchus Papyri, Oxford, Vol: 81, (forthcoming).

'Ancient Dance in Modern Dancers', in Experiential Analogies: Technology deployed for Historical Studies, Anna Foka, Jonathan Westin and Adam Chapman (eds.), Co-author: Slaney, Bocksberger and Foka, (forthcoming).

'Dance as Silent Poetry, Poetry as Speaking Dance: the Poetics of Orchesis', in Choreutika: Performing dance in archaic and classical Greece, L. Gianvittorio (ed.), (BQUCC forthcoming).

'La scène du meurtre d'Egisthe dans l'Electre de Sophocle', Lexis, Vol: 30, (2012).

'La Sappho du Rhône', (Desmos, Paris .