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Mr Robin Meyer
MA MPhil Oxf


Lector: Latin and Greek Language, Faculty of Classics


Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies
66, St. Giles'


Mr Robin Meyer


Robin completed a BA in Classics and Oriental Studies at Oxford, followed by an MPhil in General Linguistics and Comparative Philology.
He is currently working on completing his AHRC-funded doctoral thesis on language contact in 5th-century Armenia and Persia, while teaching Latin and Greek language papers as well as various linguistics and philology options.
Robin is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Research Keywords:

historical linguistics, language contact, relative clauses, history of the Greek language, Indo-European linguistics

Research Interests:

His main interests lie in historical linguistics and philology, particularly that of Greek and Armenian, but also of other languages at the periphery of the Greco-Roman world. Robin has worked on sociolinguistic topics (γε in Menander) as well as on diachronic and comparative syntax, particularly on relative clauses. His current research focuses on multilingualism and language contact in the ancient world, and its impact on syntax.

Selected Publications:

'Syntactical Peculiarities of Relative Clauses in the Armenian New Testament', Revue des Études Arméniennes, Vol: 37, (forthcoming).

'Morphosyntactic Alignment, Pattern Replication, and the Classical Armenian Periphrastic Perfect', in Proceedings of the 26th Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference : Los Angeles, October 24th and 25th, 2014, S. W. Jamison et al (eds.), (Bremen: Hempen 2016), 117-133.

Armenia: Masterpieces from an Enduring Culture, Th.M. van Lint & R. Meyer (eds.), (Oxford: Bodleian Library 2015).

'Remodelling the Historical Morphology of the Classical Armenian -eal Participle', Banber Matenadarani, Vol: 21, (2014), 385-398.

'Armeno-Iranian structural interaction: the case of Parthian wxd, Armenian ink'n', Iran and the Caucasus, Vol: 17/4, (2013), 401-425.

review of Holst, J.H. - Armenische Studien. Verlag Otto Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden, 2009 , BiOR, Vol: 70/3-4, (2013), 547-551.