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Prof. Robert C. T. Parker
MA DPhil Oxf, FBA


Wykeham Professor of Ancient History, Faculty of Classics
Fellow, New College
Director and Principal Investigator, Lexicon of Greek Personal Names


New College

Tel No: (01865) 279520
Fax No: (01865) 271520

Prof. Robert C. T. Parker


Robert has been Wykeham Professor of Ancient (Greek) History since 1996. Before that he was Tutor in Greek and Latin Languages and Literature at Oriel College, Oxford; before that, an undergraduate and graduate at New College. He gave the Towsend lectures in Cornell in 2008 and the Sather lectures in Berkeley in 2013.

Research Keywords:

Greek History, Greek Religion, Greek Epigraphy

Research Interests:

I study Greek society from an anthropological perspective; in particular, I am interested in how the Greeks' thought and behaviour was shaped by their religious beliefs. Of late I have been studying the interaction of Greek religion with other polytheistic systems, particularly in Asia Minor. Inscriptions are a prime source of evidence for me, and a great joy.

Full Publications:

Click here for a downloadable pdf of full publications:  RP_Bibliography2013.pdf

Selected Publications:

edited, Personal Names in Ancient Anatolia, (2013).

On Greek religion, (Cornell University Press 2011).

Polytheism and Society at Athens, (Oxford 2005).

Athenian Religion: a History, (Oxford 1996).

Miasma. Pollution and Purification in Early Greek Religion, (Oxford 1983), Notes: ed. 2 1996.