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Prof. Richard B. Rutherford
MA DPhil Oxf, Student of Christ Church


Professor of Greek and Latin Literature, Faculty of Classics
Tutor in Greek and Latin Literature, Christ Church


Christ Church

Tel No: (01865) 276234

Research Keywords:

Homer, Fifth-Century Literature, Rhetoric, Historiography

Research Interests:

In the past I have published widely on Latin and especially Greek literature, especially Homer. My current interests focus mainly on the fifth and fourth centuries BC. I am also interested in ancient historiography and hope to do more in this area in future.

Full Publications:

Click here for a downloadable pdf of full publications:  rbr-bibliog-Feb-2014.pdf

Selected Publications:

Homer 2nd edn. (Greece and Rome: new surveys in the Classics, no. 41), (2013).

'Structure and Meaning in epic and historiography', in Thucydides and Herodotus, Foster E, Lateiner D (eds.), (Oxford 2012), 13-38.

Greek Tragic Style: form, language and interpretation, (Cambridge 2012).

Culture in Pieces: essays on ancient texts in honour of Peter Parsons, Obbink D, Rutherford R (eds.), (Oxford 2011), Notes: includes Introduction (part I, pp. 1-12, by RBR) and 'The Use and Abuse of Irony', pp. 84-103.

'The Greek of Athenian Tragedy', in A Companion to the Ancient Greek Language , E. Bakker (ed.), (Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford 2010), 441-54.

'Voices of Resistance', in Ancient Historiography and its contexts: studies in honour of A.J.Woodman, Kraus CS, Marincola J, Pelling C (eds.), (Oxford 2010), 312-30.