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Roman Inscriptions of Britain, Volume III

Directed since 1975 by R S O Tomlin, University Lecturer in Late Roman History and Fellow of Wolfson College, the project continues the work of R G Collingwood and R P Wright, whose first volume of Roman Inscriptions of Britain appeared in 1965. Reprinted in 1995, with addenda and corrigenda by R S O Tomlin, it published the inscribed stones found before 1955. Roman Inscriptions of Britain III will publish all stones found since then, with a closing date of 31 December 1999. Most items have already been published interim, in the annual surveys by R P Wright (until 1975), M W C Hassall (since 1971) and R S O Tomlin (since 1975).

The working archive consists of these interim texts organised as a card index, Tomlin's own files, Wright's notebooks and 'contact drawings' (his annotated rubbings), and the occasional photographs collected by him and Hassall. Tomlin has 'fair-copied' almost all of Wright's drawings, and by correspondence and visiting museums he has added many other drawings and photographs. The drawings have been copy-proofed for easier reproduction. The intention is to illustrate almost every entry, if possible, both with a photograph and a drawing.

The readership will be academic libraries, epigraphists and students of Roman Britain. Conventional publication has been arranged with an experienced archaeological publisher, but there are no plans yet for electronic publication or on-line access.

The project has been aided by a research assistant funded for a year by the British Academy: Dr Ralph Häussler made the interim texts into an electronic working text, checked some bibliography, and began work on the index. His work on the bibliography and index has been continued by Dr Iveta Mednikarova, who is funded by the Academy and the Faculty of Classics, but her other commitments only allow her to work about three days a month. Other research assistance may be sought. Since it is not feasible to delegate text and drawing, the chief problem is the other calls on Tomlin's time and energy.

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Director: Dr Roger Tomlin

Researcher: Dr Iveta Adams

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Tel: +44 (0)1865 274100
Fax: +44 (0)1865 274125