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Dr Rachel Wood
BA MSt DPhil Oxf


Junior Research Fellow, Wolfson College
member, Faculty of Classics


Wolfson College
Linton Road




After reading Classical Archaeology and Ancient History for my undergraduate degree at Lincoln College, I stayed on for an M.St., and then a doctorate under the supervision of Prof R. R. R. Smith and Dr Rachel Mairs. Since 2013, I have been working as part of the British Museum and Oxford University's 'Empires of Faith' research project, funded by the Leverhulme Trust and led by Prof Jas' Elsner.

Research Keywords:

Sasanian art and religion; art in pre-Islamic Iran; Hellenistic art and archaeology.

Research Interests:

My research interests concern the transmission and transformation of iconography in pre-Islamic Iran. My current work is on art and religion in the Sasanian Persian Empire, as part of the 'Empires of Faith' research project that explores the role of objects in ancient religions across Eurasia during Late Antiquity. I am also preparing my doctoral thesis, which discussed art and cultural interactions in Babylonia, Iran, and Bactria during the Hellenistic period (c.330-c.125 BC), for publication as a monograph.

Selected Publications:

'Identifications: Mihr in Sasanian Iran', in Images of Mithra, P. Adrych, R. Bracey, D. Dalglish, S. Lenk, and R. K. L. Wood (eds.), (OUP in press 2016).

'Wandering hero, wandering myths? Herakles' image in Iran', in Transcultural Uses of Myth in the Ancient World, B. Dignas and L. Audley-Miller (eds.), (De Gruyter forthcoming 2017).

'Cultural convergence in Bactria: the votives from the Temple of the Oxus at Takht-i Sangin', in From Pella to Gandhara: Hybridization and Identity in the Art and Architecture of the Hellenistic East, in A. Kouremenos, S. Chandrasekaran & R. Rossi (eds.), (BAR 2011).